Services Vehicle: Horizon Zero Dawn

I have been looking more into the game which should come out on the 3rd of March called Horizon Zero Dawn. The story is about a Huntress called Aloy which is “tasked with uncovering the unknown world before her, which has long been dominated by machines.” (Trusted Reviews) The back story of this that is known to public so far is that the game is set 1,000 years in the future. The humanity has long abandoned the planet due to the world being overwhelmed by powerful robotic creatures. Aloy (the main character) is a member of a small, indigenous tribe, who must hunt mechanical wildlife to survive.

We don’t really know much about why these robotic animals have been created but they do look very cool and it is something that I am aiming for with my designs. horizon zero dawn

horizonz ero dawn

horizon zero dawn

I’m sure there has to be reason to the robots, but so far, it is unknown of why things were made the way they are.


I’ve done some pareidolia drawings for this one, although I didn’t really like it. It looked more like little robots than a vehicle.


Then this was my first ‘bigger’ design. I did like it a t first, but the more I looked at it the more things I hated about it. It doesn’t look functional. I forgot about the fact that it is a vehicle and it needs a place for the rider to sit and control it somewhere.


This one was more like a vehicle this time as I’ve tried to add a seat behind the robot’s head but it just doesn’t look right, it looks a bit out of place.


I also had this design in my head. I have shown how a rider would be controlling this vehicle by standing on it’s shoulders with his hands in those odd pockets that actually have got all the controls of the vehicle. But it still looks too much like the animal rather than a vehicle in my opinion.


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