Services Vehicle: Finalising Ideas


I have created a concept of the hovering bike craft. I have used the design of a hover bike from Star Wars, in order to get few things right like the shape and few other things that might make it look more functional.

Related image

I have also used the wings of Mercy from Overwatch.


I had to change the perspective but that wasn’t too hard and I think I’ve succeeded.
There was a slight problem with my design as I drew it on an A4 piece of paper and ran out of space to draw the rest of the wings. So I scanned in the drawing, printed out the ship a bit smaller and just drew it back on and it looked like it was there in the first place.


I have then scanned it in and had a go at colouring it in.


I chose to use the blue colours in order to represent the area where the tribe or civilisation of these people would be from. I had this idea in my head of them being from some sort of Snowy place. Hence the colours in order to help themselves camouflage in the area. I had a chat with my tutor about it and he suggested that I include some sort of signage to show the areas on the ship that would show the user that these areas might be dangerous or that you need to take caution.


So I’ve added these caution lines. There are lines on the wings because that is where the engine is, and this speeder bike has the ability of speeding up. It would look like as if there are additional flame wings forming which would portray the feathers of the wings.


I have also made some other designs using the same design of my hover bike. I have used a male silhouette to show the scale. Out of the hover bike design I have also created a mother space ship sort of thing, and a drone. The idea that I had for the shape of mother space ship was taken from Thor: The Dark World. In the film there were these ships that resembled a sword, it could also pierce through buildings.Image result for thor the dark world sword ship


I am really happy with how my design has turned out. I didn’t think that I would enjoy designing vehicles. But I realised that after plenty of research and also visual experimentations  I finally succeeded with something that I am happy with.


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