Bridge: Quick Initial Sketches


This is my first attempt at the new project I just got from my tutor. We have been asked to design a bridge which can be anything physical that can take a character from point A to point B which would otherwise be unreachable.

These sketches possibly took me about 5-10 mins each + additional time for personal evaluation and sorting out ideas. I didn’t do any research whatsoever for it, but I really felt like in a mood of drawing something that might help me with my project. I’m not great with Photoshop and using my Graphics Tablet, but I am aiming for practicing at least 2 hours a day in order to get better. One thing I’ve noticed from drawing this piece is that I seem to work better on things without an outline, if I’m working straight on to digital that is.

I’ve also decided to create my own template (the background) so that it can be my trade mark of some sort.


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