Bridge: Pareidolia Photoshop Bridges

Today I was experimenting with a new pareidolia technique that I can use on Photoshop. First you have to choose 2 colours for a gradient, then choose the lasso tool and scribble in order to create ‘random’ shapes, and then use the Hue/Saturation settings to adjust the colour and the shading of the selected area.


I wanted to try and use it for the Bridge project, at first I thought that I was being too controlled with it. As if I was just trying to make it look like a bridge even though it was supposed to be a pareidolia technique. I don’t think that this experiment has went well.


On the second experiment I did go with full pareidolia, I didn’t control it at all and it made something that might look like a ship.


The third time I have decided to control it a little bit but still let it do it’s own thing. In the end I ended up with this nicely stylised environment concept. Also managed to create a bridge of some sort between something that looks like 2 buildings which might be also seen as space stations.


During the fourth experiment I decided to play about with the brush tool as well as using the pareidolia lasso tool technique. I was very happy with the results because it actually does look like what I intended it to look like, which is a log over a pit.


My final experiment of the session was this concept for a snow-like environment which also includes a bridge. This is the piece that I was proud of the most! It looks very futuristic and stylised and I had so much fun creating this. The only thing that I don’t like about this design is that some lines don’t connect well together. A way to improve this design and few others would be to have a human figure to show the scale, and to show how big the whole environment/object actually is (Just like I did for the Services Vehicle Project)



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