Bridge: Pareidolia to Concept

I have decided to develop one of my earlier pareidolia designs on Photoshop. I am very pleased with how it turned out, you can clearly see the transition from using the lasso tool to using a plethora of other tools like the brush tool, smudge tool, dodge, burn, lasso and gradient tool. I have been taking screen grabs of the development to show my design at different stages.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I do think that this piece is a step that might bring me a bit closer to being able to create high quality concepts on Photoshop for my designs.


The next step that I want to take is to use a technique where I will use different images, and merge them together to create a structure of some sort. This technique is referred to as a “Collaging Technique” I’m really excited to try it out and see how it can improve my design further.

Image 1

I have showed this design to one of my peers and she mentioned that my design reminds her of a design that Gareth has previously made for the same brief. I can see how it could be a bit similar, as you can see two pillars/towers and a bridge in between.


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