Bridge: Further Midnight Bridge Development


I have decided to draw this on paper, scan it in and then use Photoshop to colour it in to see where it can take me.

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This was my finished development. I have decided to keep the colours a bit similar to the previous design but this time I wanted to make few things stand out more, like the bridge and the ground beneath the pillars which now I’ve decided that they are actually trees, kind of.


Image Source

It kind of reminds me of the trees found in the game Elsword in one of the stages. It’s only because of the colour.

I had a bit of a hard time creating the reflection effect on the water, at first I wanted to use the brush tool and just use white paint and then smudge it (I have done that in my previous design) and I remember that I didn’t like it. So I decided to find an image that would help me out.

Stock image of 'moon, full, night'

Image Source

I’ve just used the lasso tool to get the light reflection and then gently erased some of the edges and used the smudge tool to not make it look too out of place, and honestly I think it worked. I did want to do something with the sky too, instead of drawing the stars in I’ve just downloaded a set of brushes for Photoshop. LINK. I think it does look effective and makes the sky look much more interesting.


Before I have used the image of the moon and the water reflection I wanted to see if I can find a set of brushes for the ripple effect. LINK. I really like the designs it had but, they were all flat, as if you were looking at them from a bird’s eye view. In that case I’ve used the Skew tool and played about until I got this ripple-like effect. This has helped me with setting the narrative for the whole image. Generally when you see a ripple in the water it means that something must have caused it. And since there aren’t any life forms (This has just reminded me of placing a silhouette of a human somewhere to show the scale. I will impact on this during my next piece.) visible in the image, it might make the viewer think that there is some sort of a lake monster under the water. This has then led me to another idea of this whole bridge being more of a Boss Battle area rather than just a pass from one point to another without anything happening.


Since I already started adding certain features to make it all look more realistic-like I decided to use the grass brush tool. In the end I’ve decided not to do it as it looked really odd and the tool is hard to control in my opinion.

When I work on paper I seem to work in a particular style that I have developed over the past few years which I do feel comfortable with it. I tend to leave thin lines in certain places to give it a bit of depth or just to make it look more stylised. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. So I have decided to create a version of the same image but with these lines.


The process for this wasn’t too difficult. When I was scanning the drawing I just scanned in the first copy without those lines, then I drew them on and scanned it again. Turns out that when I was cropping the image on Photoshop to get rid off unnecessary edges, one of the images turned out to be bigger than the other. I wanted to keep the same colours, I just needed the lines to be placed on top of the previously done image. Thankfully after a bit of Scaling I’ve managed to succeed.


To compare these two side by side I can already tell that I’d rather draw the whole thing out on paper and colour it in on Photoshop that way. It seem much faster in my opinion. And the most important thing is that it is easier to see different individual elements. In my last development piece I was aiming for the high quality professional finish, and to be fair I think that the piece with outlines looks much more professional and it looks more original in my opinion. I will definitely carry on with my own style for concepts. I also need to remember to use a silhouette of a human figure to show the scale.


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