3D: Flintlock & Cutlass

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We have been given a task of modelling a specific object to scale in 3D. We had to pick a card and then find a corresponding item. I got a flintlock and a cutlass. I was excited at first about it as I love the idea of being able to model weapons in 3D. But after a closer inspection I regretted my pick but I didn’t want to change it. I have started off by taking few images for reference and also I’ve drawn the composition out on paper.


I have used this sheet for both visual references and also to write down the measurements as it all had to be to scale.

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I have then started modelling. I have done what I normally do with 3D models. I just took it apart into primitive shapes and then just play about with them using different tools like the scaling tool, extruding tool, bridging tool etc. Creating the shape of the gun itself was not difficult at all, it was just a cylinder with a bend applied to it at the end. I did struggle in fact with creating the end part of the gun as it was supposed to be round but not fully round. Unfortunately I didn’t know how to make it look like the object itself. I have tried to just use the Soft Selection tool in order to make it look like the object by ‘bubbling’ the end of the pistol. Although it didn’t look right so I decided to leave it as it was. I know that more practice with that tool will help me out in the long run which is why I’m not throwing the whole thing of using this specific tool away.capture-13

I have basically used a cube and turbo smoothed it so that it would create a round shape and placed it so that it looks like it is a part of the pistol. Although it didn’t look correct. I have then decided to move the ball-shape away, cut it in half and bridge it with the gun, thankfully I got the results that I needed.


By far the most difficult part of the whole model was this specific object:


I did ask my tutor about how to tackle it.


He has created 2 cylinders which then he hollowed out, made one bigger than the other, bridged one of them to cover one of the holes and then bridged them 2 together to create this shape. Unfortunately… when this happened I tried to carry on and my 3DS Max crashed… causing me to loose what my tutor has showed me. So I had to create my own, which is a good thing as it means that I have actually made it myself from scratch.

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First I have made a simple shape and then altered it to have a base to work on. Then I have done the same thing that my tutor has showed me and in the end after a bit of tweaking and adding different shapes I have managed to re-create the object on the pistol that made me struggle a bit.flintlock-pistol-cutlass-render

In the end I have used a 3 point lighting rig that I have got from my friend. It is very useful and ended up with my models looking very presentable and they do look like high quality models. The next step that I could take would be to add texture to it, which I was wondering if I could try and use the textures I have created for one of my other projects during the first semester.




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