Bridge: Midnight Bridge


I have decided to take my concept of a bridge and develop it even further and create a full 3D model of it on 3DS Max.

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I have used the basic shapes in order to create the bridge itself, just used cubes which I’ve then shaped into a bridge. For the tree-like pillars I have used a cylinder shape, then used the bend tool and tried it out on different axis’ like x,y and z. I have then extended the top parts of the trees by their vertex to create a sharp edge which now that I think about, it might not be a quad. But it is only a model for now. For the roots of the trees I have extended the bottom polygons by their vertexes. Followed by turbo smooth. I have used the 3 point light rig in order to render the clean white models. For some reason it doesn’t look too good in my opinion. It looks ab it too shiny on one side, as if it is standing on a stage. It doesn’t look natural at all. Because of that I have decided to use my own light rig.

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It already looks better in my opinion. I have also wanted to make the whole model one colour to make it stand out more. Plus I’ve added a male human figure in order to show the scale of the bridge compared to an average human male. Whilst rendering this model I have encountered numerous problems. The main one being that once the render has finished, the model had these odd pixel like black squares all around. It was supposed to be the shadow but it just looked so wrong. The way to fix it was to go into the settings of the lights and change the shadows to Ray traced shadows.  Another problem I had was when I used the 3 point light rig and wanted to change the colour of the model. For some reason it also changed the colour of my backdrop. Because of that I couldn’t have create a fully working Material ID that I could then use in Photoshop.


This is the final concept of the 3D bridge which I like to call the ‘Midnight Bridge’. Now that I am looking at it, I wonder if there is something on a line of the Material ID tool, but to show the shadows as it looks like these objects are floating in the air. I could of course create shadows underneath these objects using a brush tool on Photoshop, but why do that if I can save time and do it whilst rendering my models. Also then next step to take would be to use some of the textures from my 3D session, especially the tree texture and apply it to the tree pillars to see what happens.

Another thing that I have noticed throughout the project was the fact that even though I have doe my research, I haven’t really created anything that look like 1 of the 6 types of bridged that I looked into. I do want to create some physical 3D models of the midnight bridge but I’ll try and combine my research with my models this time.


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