Bridge: Physical Midnight Bridge

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I have decided to re-create the midnight bridge using some clay, cocktail sticks and lollipop sticks. It was a very quick process. And I actually like how rough it looks. Because it reminds me of something you would see in a game, for example in World of Warcraft, in an area populated by vicious and brute orcs. (This is definitely something I wouldn’t mind trying to take further and develop it in the same way as I developed the Midnight Bridge) The type of bridge I was aiming for was either  cable stay or a suspension bridge. They look very similar in my opinion. But now that I am thinking about it. My 3D midnight bridge does actually represent one of the 6 types of bridges I have looked into.


This bridge doesn’t look big enough for a car which means that there wouldn’t bee too much need to support it from underneath. This bridge can represent either the arch bridge (even though you can’t see anything under the bridge, but the bridge without the pillars does have a bit of a ‘/-\‘ shape. Also the pillars could works as beams which then would make this bridge a beam bridge. There are also 4 pieces in this model that are connected from the bridge to the pillar, this shows that his bridge could also represent a cable stay bridge. But because like I said, it doesn’t need to support much weight, there aren’t many ‘cables’ holding it.


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