Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs: Notes

2 Stories:
Prince – Upon noticing the dark spawns, the prince decides to investigate further. Turns out that Snow White’s nightmares have been fuelling the shadow spawns making them appear around the forest which then lead to them killing the forest animals. As the Prince you find Snow White asleep in a casket surrounded with 4 shadow barriers. You meet the 7 dwarfs. They send you out on a quest to destroy the 4 barriers and saving the forest along with Snow White.

Snow White – After taking a bite of the poisoned apple, snow white has fallen into a deep slumber, the nightmare of her own prepared by the evil queen. You are on a quest to fight through your own nightmares. You travel through familiar lands which have been consumed by the shadows.

You are able to swap into your desired character at save points, although in order to fully complete the game you will have to complete both stories. After completing both stories you will be faced with the final battle. Both characters will be fighting with the Magic Mirror, this will be a battle that will be split into 2 sections. 1 section being for the Prince and another section being for Snow White. Also as Snow White you will be faced with a shadow reflection of yourself as the main final boss. I have made Snow White have more bosses in order to have a better story line for her as she is the main character after all.

Prince Ferdinand – His play style is the sort of play style you’ll see in Final Fantasy games where you choose commands like Attack, Defend, Skill, Item, Flee etc. His main setting will be the Black Forest as it is supposed to be the forest that Snow White’s forest has been based of, which is the Black Forest in Germany. The available weapons for the Prince to use would be Swords and One Handed Crossbows. He would wear Heavy Armour and would be a physical attacker.

Prince Ferdinand
Game Play: Turn-based
Setting: Black Forest
Weapons: Swords, One Handed Crossbows
Armour: Heavy Plate Armour
Physical Attacker (Stamina):
– Double Slash (Slice your enemy twice) (20 Stamina) (Upgradeable)
– Power Strike (Focus all of your power into one successful blow) (10 Stamina) (Upgradeable)
– Shadow Partner (Conjure a shadow clone of yourself that copies your every move) (70 Stamina) (Upgradeable)
– Fire Blade (Empower your sword with fire magic for 5 turns, has 30% chance of setting your enemy on fire, effects last until the enemy cures itself or dies) (30 Stamina) (Upgradeable)
– Blizzard Blade ( Empower your sword with ice magic for 5 turns, has 30% chance of freezing your enemy for 2 turns, doesn’t work on boss monsters) (30 Stamina) (Upgradeable)
– Spark Blade (Empower you sword with lightning magic for 5 turns, has 30% chance of paralysing your enemy, doesn’t work on boss monsters) (30 Stamina) (Upgradeable)
– Dragon’s Revenge (Empower your sword with dragon magic, has 70% chance of killing your enemy with a single blow, doesn’t work on boss monsters) (50 Stamina) (Upgradeable)
– Ultimate – Erlösung (Empower your sword with holy magic dealing damage to all of your enemies) (100 Stamina) (Non-Upgradeable)

Attack (Basic Attack)
Defend (Take 50% less damage for one turn)
Skill (View/Use available skills)
Item (View/Use available items)
Flee (Run away from the battle, doesn’t work during boss fights)

Notes: Stamina (You start each battle with 100 Stamina, you generate 5 stamina per turn or by using a recovery item)
Erlösung (A German word for Redemption)

Snow White – Snow white’s play style is a hack and slash style. I thought that because she is in her nightmares she is of course scared and confused which means that she will lash out at most things making her a perfect hack and slash character. Her main setting will be the Shadow Forest (A corrupted copy of the Black Forest) Her weapon will be a magical gauntlet which will allow for her to summon spirit animals which will help her fight. She would wear leather armour mixed with a breastplate (Cersei, Game of Thrones) Snow white is also a magical attacker.

Snow White
Game Play: Hack & Slash
Setting: Nightmare Forest
Weapon: Magic Gauntlet
Armour: Leather Armour
Magical Attacker (Mana):
– Bird Flock (Basic Attack) (Summon a flock of sparrows and crows to attack in a sweeping motion) (3 Combo) (No Mana Cost) (Upgradeable)
– Bear Maul (Summon a bear spirit to attack twice with it’s sharp claws, has 30% chance to cause bleeding on the enemy) (Mana 30) (Upgradeable)
– Stag Rush (Summon a stag spirit that rushes forwards knocking enemies down, has 50% chance of stunning the enemy) (Mana 20) (Upgradeable)
– Mosquito Bite (Summon a mosquito spirit to poison a target, effects last until the target cures itself or dies) (Mana 10) (Upgradeable)
– Rabbit Hop (Summon a rabbit spirit that jump on an enemy, once it hits an enemy it splits into two rabbits that jump onto further enemies, Split Count: 3) (Mana 40) (Upgradeable)
– Ultimate – Nature’s Wrath (Summon a stampeded of forest animal spirits to deal damage to all enemies in front of you (Mana 200) (Non-Upgradeable)

Bird Flock (X/A Key Output)
Bear Maul (Square/X Key Output)
Stag Rush (O/B Key Output)
Mosquito Bite (Triangle/Y Key Output)
Rabbit Hop (L1/LB Key Output)
Ultimate – Nature’s Wrath (L2+R2/LT+RT)
Item Window (R1/RB) (You can set up to 4 quick slot items)

Notes: Mana (Mana is a resource used for Snow White’s magic, you generate 5 mana per attack, Maximum Mana: 200)
Commands (The output keys can be changed in the settings to a player’s liking)

Overall Notes: We need to discuss as a group how the levels would work, if we are going to be having ability points as well as skill points, what is the maximum level and how can we work out all of the skills and when can a player learn each skill. We also need to figure out how many times it is possible to upgrade each skill and how would it change the skill.


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