3D: Copula

I had to prove that I took this image, so here is my college library card in the same shot as the copula I have used for reference.

We have been given another task of finding an object and photographing it for reference purposes. The object I have been given was a Copula which is a round dome-like structure found on top of buildings like churches or town halls etc.


These were the main images I have needed for reference purposes.

Capture 1

I have simply created one side of the building to the best of my ability. I have then copied the object until I had 8 sides which then I have placed around an 8 sided cylinder. This method shows modularity, it also saves time as I only had to create one side in order to get near enough the whole structure. I have then created the dome using a cube which I have used the turbo smooth modifier on which was then cut in half and adjusted using the scale tool. I have then created the top part of the copula, this time I didn’t create one side and copied it 3 times. Instead I have just made the whole thing to have a bit of a comparison to see what is easier, creating one side and copying it or creating the whole thing from scratch. Creating 1 side is definitely more useful as you spend less time creating the whole model.

CopulaCopula 2

In the end I have imported my model into my previously created Lighting Rig and rendered the images out. I then decided to add some colour using the material editor to make it stand out more.

Copula 3



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