3D: Floor Panel

scofi floor tiel diffuseLINK

We have been given a short task on finding a floor panel that has been created in 3DS Max by someone else which we then had to re-created ourselves. The main purpose of this practice was to use the shamfer tool to avoid having sharp edges which in the end would increase the quality of the whole model.

Floor Pannel

This is my copy of the design. I did get quite a lot of help from my tutor when it came to using the shamfer tool and re-creating the frame of the panel. I have created the honeycomb-like shape using a 6 sided cylinder that has been split in half so that all the polygons on each shape are quads. I have then just duplicated it all the way around until I have filled the whole space which I’ve created by setting up a flat plane which was the same size as the frame. The vent was pretty simple to use too. And as far as I remember I didn’t have any trouble using the shamfer tool on the vent so I’m not sure what went wrong when I tried to use it on the frame myself.


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