3D: Low Polygon Telephone


We have been given a short task to model this phone using the least amount of polygons possible. I wanted to aim for a number that was under 512 Polygons. We also had to make sure that all the polygons were quads so that it would be possible to include the object in a game. In the end I got the model done in about 360 polygons.


This was a good practice to what I have to do for next week which is to create a low polygon 3D Model of a console that I own. I need to create a model of my PS4 which has a poly count of under 512, I also need to model a controller which also has to have a poly count of under 512. The PS4 itself isn’t too difficult as it is literally a cube which is slanted. It’s just the controller that will take some time, because it has a lot of round features and sphere-like objects do normally have a lot of polygons.

This whole project also gives me a cool idea of mixing it it with the current Creative Futures project. I will have to create a whole scene in full 3D. I want to see if I can model every object used in the scene in under 512 polygons. I did have the idea of creating every object separately and then importing it all into one file, which is probably the best way of doing it rather than creating the whole scene from scratch. Not only it would probably lag the whole software but it would be very difficult to navigate around it.


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