3D: Server Box


We have been given a task of finding an object from a photograph that has been given to us at the beginning of the 3D session. We had to find the object and take reference images of the object in order to help us model that object in 3D.

The object that I have been given was a server box. I had to model the whole box and also the wires inside of the box too. The wires were my biggest worry.

Server Box

In the end I have manage to re-create the server box which looks very accurate in my opinion. The box was a very easy thing to do which is just a cube with few indents in the sides to make it looks as close as the object I have found. Like I mentioned before the wires would be the most difficult thing to do, which I was right about. I have asked one of my colleagues on how to tackle the problem. I have then been introduced to the line tool which is really simple to use. I have created few lines and then affected the vertex points of it to make it bend in certain places. I have then used the bend modifier in order to create something that looked more like a wire. I have then duplicated the wire, and then duplicated the 2 wires together and I carried on duplicating a lot of wires until I got a clump of them. I have adjusted few wires by mirroring them or by increasing their thickness. In the end I have ended up with a bunch of wires which looked really realistic in my opinion and close to what my reference images represented.


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