Boxer: 3D Human Figure

Desert Fighter

I have decided to try and turn my concept into a full 3D Model. The idea is to create a young human that has an oversized flaming fist which he uses as a weapon.

I have decided that it was a good time to practice with the human figure in Sculptris. Well at first it didn’t go as well as I planned it to. I did manage to get the shape of the head right, but then as soon as I started adding features to the face it just turned very alien.


The nose of these 2 models were very good in mu opinion… But then I wanted to create the lips and the mouth itself. It didn’t go as planned, it looks like it is constantly pouting. I have then gave up and decided to clear my mind by watching something. I decided to watch Once Upon A Time, as I was watching one of the episodes there was a Pinocchio character which was done using CGI, but I have looked closer at what the lips looked like
Image result for once upon a time pinocchio

It looked really simple. I noticed that the lips aren’t actually supposed to look inflated. I have then looked at a face from a side view (my own face) and I forgot that from the bottom of your nose, there is a small dip which then goes up at the tip and then goes back in an arch like shape to where the mouth is and then your bottom lip does a similar thing to the upper lip. It then goes inwards just where your chin starts and then the chin itself is slightly sticking out.

I have kept that in mind and managed to create something that looked more like a normal lip and a mouth.IMG_20170228_175557906_HDR

The next day I have decided to start again and this time to focus on the whole human figure.

I wanted to start creating my Boxer. I have started with the face which I was happy with to an extent. I didn’t exactly like the lip, so I was thinking back about my character. Because he is a hermit of some sort that is also a treasure hunter I wanted to see what he would look like an older character with a beard.

Capture 5

I think that the beard makes the character looks a bit more interesting. I do really like the detail on the beard (done using the crease tool)

Capture 6

I have also added some hair to the character’s head and started working on the body. Because he is going to be shirtless I wanted to pay close attention to make the body look somewhat realistic and believable. I have got some feedback from my peers that the muscle definition needs to be a bit more sharper and bulkier. It basically looks a bit flat. Which after a closer inspection it does indeed look a bit flat.

Perfect Hand

I have then decided to try and model a hand. I have asked one of my colleagues to photograph my hand from different angles so that I could use it as reference. I was really impressed how it turned out in the end. The whole process was very stressful because even though the software is easy to use, it is not as easy to control the “clay” you’re working with. From this angle the hand looks perfect, I have even managed to create some accidental creases which make the fingers look very realistic.

Not so Perfect Hand

This is the same hand just from a different angle. This does require a lot of work in order to fix it and make it look like a hand.

I have also tried to model my characters trousers by adding a new object to the whole scene and then working into it. Although unfortunately Sculptris kept crashing, sometimes the object connected to the already existing model with no way of going back. And sometimes the tools just weren’t working at all. What I think I might have to do is to create the bottom part of the character separately on a different file and then just import one file into another one and see how that turns out.


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