Boxer: Sculptris

Recently we as a class have been introduced to the 3D Modelling software called Sculptris. At first I didn’t really know how to feel about the software. I know that I am not the strongest when it comes to 3D Models of any sort really. But as soon as my tutor showed us all how easy it is to use, I felt like I could do something very cool with it. So at first I have just played about and in the end I have ended up with this odd Cat-like flying Bat Demon creature. And it only took me about 30 minutes. It just shows how easy the software is to use when it comes to 3D modelling. You basically start off with a 3D sphere and you get given few simple tools like grab, draw, flatten, pinch, smooth etc. The whole software works as if you’re working in physical clay just without getting your hands dirty.

Here are some more shots of my 3D Model. I am very happy with it. After that session I actually felt like I could go further into 3D and focus on creating 3D Models. The downside of the software is the fact that it is using tris instead of quads. This means that most game engines would have a lot of trouble processing that sort of model. There is a way of importing the model into 3DS Max and then converting it into a Quad model, but that then requires a LOT of cleaning up.

Another interesting thing I’ve found was the fact that you can place a flat plane which you can then extend and add onto it creating some very interesting environment ideas. I think that Sculptris is a very good software, but it should only be used for concepts rather than final renders especially if you’re planning on using the model in a game.


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