Bridge: Presentation

Bridge Front CoverBridge Page 1Bridge Page 2Bridge Page 3Bridge Page 4Bridge Page 5

This has been my way of presenting my bridge project to my tutor. At first I didn’t know what I wanted to do so I have literally played about in Photoshop first and then realised that by putting a border around all of my work and isolating it and creating tiles I could make it look like a comic book. So I went for the comic book aesthetic and I think it works really nicely. I have created a little ‘tag’ which is visible on the side of each page. It is just there to show my name and the title of the project etc. The information that I have included on the pages are made to look like little side notes. I have also organised it all to show the whole process of initial ideas and how I have developed my bridge.

We had to upload the finished pieces using either Google Docs or any other document sharing software. I did have few difficulties at first with using Google Docs because I tried to upload an image one by one, but for some reason it didn’t let me upload anymore and I couldn’t save the first image that I have uploaded. Instead I have simply created a blank document using the application and placed my images within the document which I have then sent off to my tutor. I will look into other similar apps and find the one that suits me the best.


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