HTC Vive (Tilt Brush) & PlayStation VR

I remember when I tried HTC Vive I have had few issues with it. Because I wear glasses I couldn’t properly fit the headset on without feeling any discomfort. When I managed to put it on my head I could see a lot of black outlines and 2 small screens… It didn’t feel like I was there in the space of the Tilt Brush software. So I took my glasses off and it was more comfortable, but because my eye sight isn’t the best one, everything was a bit blurry. It did make me feel a bit upset because I really wanted to enjoy the whole VR experience.

Few months later I have tried out the PlayStation VR. Now that was something special! Thankfully I could adjust the headset so that it comfortably fitted on my head whilst wearing my glasses. I could see everything clearly and I have been able to feel as if I was in a full 3D world. Overall the whole experience was surreal and very pleasant. Maybe it is possible to adjust the HTC Vive properly for people that wear glasses. It is definitely something worth looking into as I wouldn’t mind using Tilt Brush for full 3D models.


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