Rage Water Cooler Game – Testing


The game is very enjoyable although the dialogue when talking near the water cooler is a bit too much. There is far too much text to read, and it gets really frustrating especially when the dialogue is repeating itself over and over again. Maybe if it would be possible to improve someone’s mood by answering just one question during the dialogue, this would make the game progress much faster and it would give the effect of the dialogue not being so repetitive.

I don’t see the purpose of having decorations, maybe if it would improve people’s moods, or add quests where certain people would like a certain decoration type in the room to improve the time of how long they stay in a good mood. I also think that there should be a wider choice of decorations and you should unlock more things every level rather than every other level. It would make the player carry on playing. Maybe don’t show what you can unlock for next level so that the player will be curious to see what he/she will unlock.

It doesn’t make sense that one conversation makes someone extremely happy, even when you choose an option that in real life would make someone quite upset, for example when talking to Ellen and choosing an option saying “Get real. Only the weak can be brainwashed.” It makes her perfectly happy; I know that if someone would say that to me, I wouldn’t feel too happy.

I have found a typo in the “Game Overview” section; it is supposed to say “Title” not “Titel” so proof reading is required.

Jose always mentions a character called Lindsay, even though the character is not unlocked until level 26. Also I’m pretty sure that Lindsay is a female name, the character itself does look like a female as well (judging by the eye lashes) even though in the game it says “Lindsay (M)” which probably means that the character is male.

I do really like the diversity in ethnicity of the characters that you can get, and the style does remind me a bit of Farm Ville, this could definitely be a nice Mobile game or a Facebook game.

The character descriptions are very nice, for some reason they seem very familiar, I can sort of link few to my colleagues and even myself, Max is definitely my spirit animal.

Also there could be a case where as you level up, the people working for you could level up as well which would make them work even faster on certain jobs. I also think that the player should be notified how many packages you will get when choosing a game, for example when you choose a game to work on, it should tell you how much work a 2D artist will do, because so far I haven’t noticed it all. If it is there then make it more visible I guess and more noticeable.

I don’t understand the timer under the experience bar, At one point it said something like 30 minutes and 4 seconds, but the next minute it just said 4 minutes and 16 seconds, I thought that this showed you the time you have played in this session. Just something that isn’t fully clear in my opinion.

I also had a hard time figuring out how to talk to others in the game at first, maybe I have skipped that part in the tutorial, but I just didn’t know which button to press, maybe the icon for the chat should be two faces chatting to each other.

Object of the game: I think that the main object of the game is to show what it is like to work in a Games Design industry; it is also a game that could be re-skinned for Hospital based environments, Police departments even store managing. The game also shows how to deal with people in certain situations, hence the conversations by the water cooler, it just shows that not only you have to care about the projects that you work on but also about the people that work on the projects.


  • Enjoyable
  • Character descriptions reflects real life people
  • Workplace changes completely upon changing the whole studio design even the equipment the characters use
  • Straight forward
  • Diversity of characters from different ethnic backgrounds
  • Objective of the game is clear and very informative
  • Reflects real life industry



  • Dialogue is far too long
  • Some options seem harsh although they make the worker happy
  • Needs proof reading
  • Decorations have no additional purpose
  • Few dialogues don’t make sense (Who is Lindsay?)
  • 1 Conversation = Full Happy mood, doesn’t make sense in my opinion
  • What is the purpose of the timer?
  • The icon for making a character talk to you should look more like what it is supposed to be used for.
  • No character customisation (Main character that you control)
  • Needs more rewards
  • Decorations are sparse

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