Street – Pitch

I have looked at the Whitefrairgate to explore what a high street looks like. This is an area that I’ve got an access to every day, The images included in this report are taken from the Google Street View, I am in fact going to get my own photos as soon as possible, for now these are just a place holder. A high street consists of shopping and entertainment areas like: Clothes Shops, Bakeries, Video Games Shops, Electronics shops, even banks and pubs.

My initial idea was to model a café; there is an interesting café that can be found on the High Street
Caffe 1Caffe 2Caffe 3Caffe 4Caffe 5

I have chosen to model a building on the corner of the street that we are all working on as a class. I didn’t want to do a standard corner café that just sticks out and looks like a rectangular block on the corner. Instead I want to create a café that is in the exact shape as “Flavours” but with a more modern hint to it. I am not sure on what to call it yet, but I want to have the writing on the café to be made out of neon lights, because during the night it will look more interesting than a dull building.


For example, I have looked at Street View, and noticed how the HMV store looks during the evening. I am aiming for something similar to this.

New Look 2

Additionally I want to have living space above the café. In my opinion this will provide a nice contrast between the modern exterior (potentially interior) of the Café, and the aged look of the living space above it. Just like in the image of the “Flavours” café I want to have a seating area in front of the store around the corner. With a modern fence surrounding the seating area. At night I want the name of the café to be glowing, maybe I could turn the café into a night club after it gets dark, I could try and work on a typography that says the name of the café during the day, but when the neon lights come on, only few parts of the name light up to spell the name of the night club. I want to have a little roof like the “Flavours” café has above the entrance so that during the game play, a player can access the roof to attack unaware enemies, in order to get there, you would have to try and climb on a flat part of the fence (connecting the fence to the wall of the next building) and then jump across to access the area.

The roof of the building itself will look similar to the one shown in the first photo to show that some buildings on the street have been renovated at some point for the shop purpose. I’m not sure if it will be possible to access the roof top, maybe from another building, but initially I don’t think that a player will be able to get on top of my building unless the building next to it has got an access to a rooftop that a player can explore and jump off onto the top of my building.

The Kingston

I am also thinking of trying to make the top of my building look something similar to this. I just like how stylised it is, although I do think that it might look a bit too odd compared to the modern café look.

Here are the first 2 initial sketches, I was practicing it using the 2 point perspective method. Like I mentioned before, I want to model a building on the corner but so that it looks similar (shape wise) to the image on the right.

Sketch Up Café


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