We have been given a brief of creating an inventory for a character in a game. We had to design the look of the bag, or a container of some sort that can be used to store items in. We also had to design the UI for the inside of the bag and show how things would work.

I have at first decided to create a bag for the character of Snow White from my other project. Then I referred back to my research in order to find out what sort of inventory I would like to design.

I was always a fan of the size based inventory where each item had a specific size which you had to fit over a number of panels to fit in your bag. Although the problem that I personally encounter with such mechanic is that you can’t spin the objects around. For example, if a sword takes 4 panels vertically, why can’t it be spun around to take 4 panels horizontally? In other words, I wanted to implement a Tetris-like game into the inventory itself.

I also had an idea of creating an inventory which would have everything in it lying about at random angles, and it would be left to the player to literally rummage through the inventory to find what you’re looking for. Doing this, would bring a slight element of realism into an unrealistic bag that can hold 20 swords and 74 armour pieces.

In the end, I have decided to go for the unlimited space inventory, I have made the decision basing it on the already made UI for the Snow White project. I just had a design that I thought would work very well, and would be easy to use.

Equipment Etc TabThe inventory would be split into 5 different tabs. In there you will find the item list on the left hand side, and the description of the item on the right hand side, along with the image of what the item looks like. First tab is the ‘ETC’ tab which would consist of things like monster loot, basically things that you don’t need but can sell at shops.

Equipment Use TabThe second tab is the ‘Use’ tab which has all the potions, and any usable items like traps and ammunition.

Equipment Armour TabThe third tab is the ‘Armour’ tab. In here you will be able to toggle through the item list and then equip it in the right place on the right hand side grid. In the grid you can equip; A Head Piece, 2 Rings, Necklace, Torso Piece, Legs Piece, Hands Piece, Feet Piece, Main Weapon and Off Hand (Second Weapon or Shield, or a ranged weapon). I noticed that from this layout, you can’t really fit in a description of the item or the stats of the items that are being equipped. What I could do, is add 3 different icons next to the item on the item list. A green arrow pointing upwards (Shows that this item is better than the currently worn item). A red arrow pointing downwards (Shows that this item is worse than the currently worn item). And an orange horizontal line (Shows that this item has the same stats as the currently worn item)

Equipment Materials TabEven though this idea has not been discussed on our team for the Snow White project, I have included a tab which would be used for storing materials for crafting in the future game.

Equipment Key Items TabThe last tab is the ‘Key Items’ tab. This tab has all of the key items found throughout the game, that will be used in the story at some point, also this is where you will find the quest and side quest items.

Knapsack 1Knapsack 2

These are my concepts for the main bag that the character would wear. The very first one is a large bag. In my opinion this bag would not fit the Snow White character as she is portrayed as this fragile-like character. Even though I do want to step out of this stereotype and I am aiming on making her a nimble and agile character, a big bag would still not work for this type of a character.

The pouch is more suitable as it is fairly small and easy to carry. After coming up with my last design, I have consulted with one of my tutors and came up with an idea of having the pouch connected to the bag from the 4th design. The smaller bag would be used for storing gold, and the bigger bag would be used for everything else.

These 2 images show the first 2 bags. I have decided to try something new that I haven’t done before and texture the items on Photoshop to make them look more realistic. I have used a leather texture for the big bag, and a burlap texture for the coin pouch.

Hip Bag

This is the 4th design. This shows how the bag would sit on the character. The way it is placed makes it more easier to access items from the bag for the character. I have also textured the bag in this design as well.

The next step right now, would be to try and model the whole bag and the belt in 3D, and also connect the coin pouch to the belt.


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