PS4 and Controller – 512 Poly Limit

We have been given a task of 3D Modelling a console that we own ourselves at home. I own a PS4 therefore I had to model a PS4. We were also given a limit per object for the polygon count. My limit was 512 polygons.

The very first thing I have done was to measure everything out and write it all down in my sketchbook as it had to be to scale.

PS4Then I have modelled my PS4. It was a pretty straight forwards task. It is basically a cube that is slightly skewed, with a slit in the middle, and 2 buttons on the front side. I did try my very best to texture in a light. Even though, this model does look like it has a white light on the side of the box. I was aiming for the light to look like it is glowing so that it could illuminated the surrounding black box by a little bit. I still can’t seem to get this right till this day on 3DS Max although I was advised to try it out using Unreal Engine 4.

I was happy with this model, but I did remember that we were supposed to try and use the chamfer tool to smooth the edges out a bit.

PS4 ChamferedFor some reason, as soon as I have chamfered the edges, the material on the PS4 got a bit more glossier, even though I didn’t change any values of the material. I could probably lower down the polygon count even more, by getting rid off all the faces that are not visible in the render.

Controller PS4The controller was a bit more difficult to make in my opinion. Because it is not a simple shape, it is in fact an organic shape. These shapes tend to require a bit more polygons. My very first render, which I have also textured in, didn’t go as planned. You can see most of the faces on the model and it does look very low polygon-like. I did realise that this happened because of my smoothing groups.

Controller PS4 2.1Before I’ve reset the smoothing groups, I tried to play about with the colours of the material and made it much darker which didn’t work in my opinion.

Controller PS4 4.1
I went back to my original render and adjusted the smoothing groups. And this is what the controller looks like right now.

Controller UV Map My WayThe way I textured the controller is a bit of a strange way. I was advised not to do it this way, although unfortunately at this stage, this is the only way that makes sense to me. In this image you can see all of the polygons of the controller. I have then textured each individual piece in order to resemble a real PS4 controller.

Controller UV Map My Way 1.1In the end, my texture map ended up looking like this. This then was imported into 3DS Max over a Material and used on my controller.


Textured PS4 Render 2

I have also textured the PS4 itself. I asked my tutor to name a game, and I would stylise the PS4, for the exact game.

I have used this image which is from the Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty game.

Texture Done 3.2This was the final texture map. The problem I came across whilst texturing this, was that I had to mirror the image. Otherwise the image would have looked upside down on the PS4 itself.

Texture Done 1.1My very first idea was to use this image, although I couldn’t mirror the image properly as the the writing was always backwards.

These are my 3 final renders of my PS4 that I’ve modelled. I am very happy with how it looks because looking back at when I first started studying Games Design, and looking back at my first 3D session, I can see that I have learned something new and I have accomplished something.


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