Snow White – Character Development

The character of Snow White is known for her yellow skirt and a blue top. We as a team decided to show the development of Snow White throughout the story.

Snow - ClothFirst idea was to have her start off with her original look. This look would be seen as damaged because she wakes up in the middle of the forest, looking lost. I have chosen to go for this look because it still shows her vulnerable side which she does have in the main story of Snow White. But also this dress would allow her enough comfort to move about and engage in combat.

Snow - LeatherThe second concept shows what she would wear after reaching a certain stage in the main story. I wanted to reflect how her personality would change based on the fact that she is discovering herself and her goal of what she needs to do as a character in the game, which is to defeat the Evil Queen.

Even though there will be different armour pieces available for Snow White to equip, they will not be shown on the character depending what she would wear in her Character Equipment Screen. Instead she will have 3 looks in the game.

  1. Vulnerable, original dress (a bit weathered/destroyed)
  2. Leather armour, Breastplate (Cersei GOT), Original Colours to reflect the character
  3. Chainmail/Plate Armour, this would show that she is now ready to face the Evil Queen.

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