Snow White – Map

1ST Island outlineI have decided to create a world map for the game. I wanted to base it off the whole Snow White story and where things would take place in the game. In the image we can see a cottage in the middle of the woods. The mines where dwarfs go to work. I also wanted to add a village in the top left corner so that in the game you can go there and trade with other villagers.

1ST Island colouredOnce I finished this map, I didn’t like the look of it at all. I think that for an RPG the colours were too bright and in fact it did look very childish. Even though the game is based off a Children’s Story Book. I still wanted to have a bit more of a serious approach. Kind of like Kingdom Hearts does, where they mixed Disney and Final Fantasy together. I asked my tutor on how to make it look better. What he advised was to print it out big and fade it out. Then use a pencil and shade in the mountains. I have decided to take his advice. I did like how the mountains looked so I went and done the same thing for the rest of the map.

B and W Map tea stainedThe map came out looking like this. I have also tea stained the paper to give it a bit more of a weathered look. Next I scanned it in, and coloured it in on Photoshop like I did with my previous design.

I was amazed by the results. The map does look good in my opinion and compared to my first design. This one has more of a serious feel to it.

Map FinishedI have then gave the island a name, and added in a hand drawn compass in the corner. I have also made the colours a bit more brighter so that it is easier to notice what is going on in the map.

My first idea was to have the main island where Snow White starts her story, to be one of many from the game. This would stop the player from encountering enemies that would be too powerful in the very beginning.

2nd IslandThis is a concept for the 2nd island which belongs to the Evil Queen. At this stage, I was thinking of making the ground around the castle look as if it is dried up or burnt grass, which shows that the evil has made all of the life on the island wilt. The whole concept was a bit too dark so once again I have made it brighter for the same reason as before.

Black GardensI have followed the same process for this map as before, although I didn’t tea stain in this time, as I’ve scanned in the back of the previous map and actually used the texture as a template which I’d use for the rest of the whole project to show continuity and to show that all of the designs belong to the same project. I have made few changes to this map and also added name tags for different places. The main name of the Island is the ‘Black Gardens’. The 2 other names show the names of locations found on the island. In the game, in order to reach the inside of the Malicious Bastion, the player will have to travel to Catacombs, and go underground to reach the Malicious Bastion where you will face the Evil Queen.

NeverlandI also wanted to tie in a different story into the main game. This is a map that shows Neverland from Peter Pan. I had this idea in my head that after you defeat the Evil Queen, she then casts a curse on Prince Charming, and turns him into Peter Pan (who is evil in this case) and the dwarfs into the Lost Boys. The reason I’ve done this, was because the story did feel a bit short in my opinion. So this is an attempt of extending the game play all together.

Dwarven IsleI have went back and also wrote up name tags for the first island as well. The name Vigram was just a random name I have found using the Dwarven Village name generator.

I then wanted to connect all of the maps together, but I was aiming for something that World of Warcraft does with their World Maps.


This is the world map of World of Warcraft. As you can see, the map shows all of the regions but they’re not really detailed when it comes to how they’re presented. But when you click on the Eastern Kingdoms for example…

The map then focuses on the certain region and it shows different areas of the region. Upon clicking once more…

You can see a much more detailed map of the area that you clicked on. This is the same thing that I wanted to create using my maps.

World Map Finished no BG BurnedI have then drawn all of the shapes of the 3 islands I have created and scanned them in. Then adjusted few of the colours and the way they were placed, added the names to the islands and ended up with this design for a world map. Here you would be able to select and island that you want to view which would then show you the more details map of that specific area. I have also decided to make the map look even more weathered by making it look as if the map is burned. This was done using the Burn tool on Photoshop.

The main reason of why I wanted this sort of world map was to use it in my UI for the Map itself.

World Map MenuThis is a screen that you’d be able to see as soon as you go into the character menu. In here you can see the world map, from which a player would be able to select a specific area to view. Also on the left hand side of the screen. There will always be a synopsis displayed of what has happened so far during the story. The synopsis will change depending on where the player is at in the story. For example, this synopsis explains what has happened after Snow White has reached the Black Gardens. It explains that the Evil Queen has escaped through an enchanted mirror and now Snow White needs to find all of the 8 shards all around the areas that she currently visited.



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