Snow White – Mini Map

Enchanted Woods
I was also i charge of creating the mini maps which would be visible in the game at all times. The light grey area shows the area that you are allowed to walk on. Dark grey shows inaccessible areas. Red arrows show the entrance. Red dots show the enemies. A bigger red dot  represents a Boss. Green dots represent the NPCs (Non Playable Character) which you can interact with. Blue diamond represents an object that you can interact with in order to save your game and fully heal up.

The very first map, is the tutorial stage which would take place in the Enchanted Woods. I wanted to base the mechanic of this specific stage on the mechanic of Lost Woods from The Legend of Zelda series. In the Lost Woods, you have to go through the right entrance in order to move on, but if you pick the wrong entrance you will be forced back to the beginning. For the Enchanted Forest, I decided to use the name of Snow White, as a guide of where the player has to go. The solution would be to go South, North, West, West and then East. In this map you are to go out and find all of the 7 missing dwarfs.

I did in fact have noticed that I didn’t make a marker for the main character on the mini map.

Diamond MinesThe second stage would be the Diamond Mines. In the story, you were asked to go and defeat the Kobold King that is stopping the Seven Dwarfs from working in the mines.


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