Rage Water Cooler Game – Testing part 2


Tracking is not working – Can’t Log-In

The game flips if zoomed out too far.

When trying to develop a new game, sometimes it says that you can’t accept any more work due to work overload even though I have space in my ‘inventory’ to accept some more.

Far too much reading when it comes to the dialogue, maybe lower it down to 2-3 options.

Tutorial could lead you through first 3 projects, and tell you how to talk to other people NOT before the game starts, but when you HAVE to talk to the workers. (Cascading Information)

Timer seems to be on a minus quite often.

I don’t actually get what the timer is used for.



Maybe the icons or the description of the jobs don’t fit. For example, Sound block has a bug icon in it, and sound icon has the animation description.


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