Snow White – Character

Snow White Akira

This was my very first concept for the character of Snow White. I have researched into Akira Toriyama which has created the game of Dragon Quest and worked on the artwork of Dragon Ball.



I have used this image as a reference image for my character of Snow White. I have made a mistake by choosing a character that is a male as after I’ve finished colouring in the character I noticed that Toriyama draws his female characters in a different way. Akira adds eyelashes on the eyes of the female characters.

Snow White Akira Colour

I have kept the original colour scheme for Snow White. This concept also shows the mistake of using a male character as a ‘template’ because like I mentioned before, Akira Toriyama does draw the eyes in a different way on a female.


Snow White Akira 2

This is the concept of Snow White using the previous image of Nera from the Dragon Quest series. In my opinion this concept looks much more like Snow White than the previous one. Although I feel like this design looks too much like the original design for Snow White.


Snow White Akira 2.1



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