Mobile Game

Scan 38

This is my idea for a mobile game. I have found out that most mobile games do use the Loss Aversion mechanic because of some allow the players to pay for specific items in order to obtain things faster or to obtain things that an average player cannot achieve.

In this game, this is the same case although I have made it so that the special pearls which could be bought for money, are obtainable but they’re rare.


The main idea was to create a game that is similar to Final Fantasy Tactics but mixed with a bit of Farmville. You get to build your own village and train your troops as well. The first concept shows the available tabs at the bottom of the screen. The Building tab where a player can choose to buy a building that can then be placed and built anywhere in the player’s village. A Decoration tab which will allow the player to buy decorations for the village for aesthetic reasons. The Troops tab where the player can access the window that will display available troops which then can be used for battling. And a status tab which shows the status of the village. In this window, the player will have an option to raise specific attributes which can improve the village statistics as well as the troops statistics. There is also a tab which has special items which can be bough for Pearls which is a currency that is very rare to find within the game unless the player decided to spend real life money on the pearls.Scan 39The first image on this page shows the status screen which explains what I’ve mentioned about the improving of statistics upon levelling up. This window will display the following information; Name, Gold, Pearl, Skill Points, Rank (followed by a different image per rank), Experience Bar, and available areas to improve by using the skill points.

The second image shows the map of how the battle would work which would be set out on a grid like map. This will be a turn based battle system where the player will have control over his/hers troops. There will be obstacles scattered around the map which cannot be walked through. On each turn the player will have an option to first move and then take an action, or take an action and then move. Some troops can only move a specific number of tiles per turn.


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