Street – Café

3D Building Final Concept

I have improved my concept of the Café that I am modelling for the group street project. I decided to use pro markers as I’ve been enjoying using them for the past few projects I have been working on. I wanted to create a building that is small and simple, but that still can be seen in real life. I have chosen the name for the Café and the name is ‘Red’ this would be written in red neon light. The reason I called it ‘Red’ is because during the evening the café turns into a book club, and the word ‘red’ is pronounced the same way as the word ‘read’ which is the past tense for reading.Final Concept no Texture

I have added some simple colours which I’ll use for a guide when it comes to texturing my building.Final Concept

I have tried to colour the building in whilst also using textures for certain objects. This is a technique I’ve discovered when working on a project from the Creative Futures module.

Café 0.1These two renders show my first idea for the building. The building was originally a two story building. The purple block represents a human figure which is 182 centimeters tall. I do actually like the whole design of the building, but for some reason my main wall had 5 sides instead of 4, and I also had trouble with how close to my referenced building this one looked like.Café 2

I have then re-made the entire building which resembled my concept. In my opinion you can clearly see the link between the model and the concept. I have decided to leave most things as they were, the most prominent thing that has changed was the height of the building, which in the end I was very happy with.Café Textured .1Café Textured .2

This is what the building looks like after fully texturing it using Substance Painter to create a PBR MetalRough texture, and applying the base colour to it. The next step is to import the design into Unreal Engine 4 and creating a whole working PBR Texture.


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