Substance Painter – Progress

Opening File

I have never used the Substance Painter before. I tend to struggle a fair bit whenever it comes to new softwares.

To begin, you need to open a new file, you have to choose the FBX mesh which can be exported from the 3DS Max.

Then you choose to Add a UV map with the same resolution as the UV Map that has been rendered out previously in 3DS Max.

Texturing Fail

As soon as I’ve opened the file I had a go at trying to texture the doors. And, it looked wrong. The way the brush worked made the texture look really patchy.

I have then found this video which did help me out a lot and to be fair the texturing was pretty simple in my opinion.

Smart Material

This is what my doors ended up looking like after trying out the method included in the video, which was to drag the material over to the layers tab which works a bit like the fill tool from Photoshop.

Substance Export

After you finish texturing, it is time to export it in order to obtain all of the texture maps needed. I had to make sure that I was exporting it with a PBR MetalRough configuration.

UV Unwrap 1

In order to create the UV Map, you have to first select the object that has to be unwrapped.

UV Unwrap 2

The way I take it from there is I flatten the map, which isn’t the right way of doing things, but I already told myself that before my 2nd year I will learn how to properly unwrap a UV Map.

UV Unwrap 3

After you flatten the map, this is what the UV Map turns into.UV Unwrap 4

You then have to pack the map together to make the use of the space as best as it’s possible.UV Unwrap 5UV Unwrap 6

When rendering the UV Template you need to make sure that the resolution is the right resolution. I was working on a 2048×2048 resolution.UV Unwrap 7UV Unwrap 8

You then have to save the UV Template as a Targa file as this provides the best quality.


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