Scan 78

This was my very first attempt at drawing myself whilst looking into the mirror. I do like the way this has came out, although I don’t know how to draw lips properly. I do also feel like the eyes I drew were too big for my face.

Scan 79

I have then decided to do some quick drawings. This time the eyes were proportionate to my face although the rest just lacked the details.Scan 45

I have then tried out to paint my own face using water colour paint. The top painting looks out of place, the proportions are just wrong and so is the shape of my face.

The second painting is a little bit better although I had trouble painting on the eyes.

Scan 80

I have then came back to the drawings with a pencil. I do think that this time I managed to draw everything in the right proportion, and even the lips looked alright in my opinion. I do realise that all I needed to do is get rid off the bottom line showing the bottom lip.

Scan 81

I wanted to try and shade in the next portrait I have done which, doesn’t look too bad but the shading could be much more harsher in areas that needed it.

Scan 91

After looking at the work of Akira Toriyama I decided to draw myself in the more realistic-anime style. I was happy with the outcome, although I regretted rubbing out the pencil lines as for some reason the drawing looked much better with the pencil lines. The portrait at the bottom was an attempt at more ‘spiky’ Akira Toriyama style which didn’t work at all, although I do like the hair.

Scan 93

I have consulted with my tutor and he explained to me a simple technique where you use the shadows to sculpt the face. I have then attempted the technique and I was very happy with how it turned out. To be fair, I like this technique so much that I want to try and do concept art by using just the shadows.

Scan 94Scan 96

I have then decided to use a fine liner in order to create a self portrait. I don’t actually like the second picture as it looks a bit too rough. The first picture is drawn using a brush pen which was a bit hard to control at first but I like how just few dark lines in specific places make me look like a sinister character from a video game.

Scan 95

I have also attempted at drawing one of my peers which I wasn’t too happy about, I feel like I rushed it because my peer was doing work at the time and I didn’t want to interrupt too much.

Scan 88Scan 89

I have also attempted at using the shadow sculpting technique on brown paper. This gave me an opportunity of using a white pen in order to show the highlights on my face. I have also tried to draw it a bit smaller than what I was doing in the past images.

Scan 97

This was my final attempt at selfies which I was happy with. I have different thickness fine liners, and also decided to mix the shadow sculpting with the style of Akira Toriyama. The yellow note was a quick doodle when I was waiting for the scanner to finish scanning my work.

Shadow Sculpting Face

I have then attempted at colouring in my favourite portrait. I do feel like I need to try and use pro marker next time and see if I can create the effect like I did whilst experimenting with the Akira Technique previously.



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