Heritage – Early SketchUp

So far I have been using SketchUp for some quick 3D models of the workshops that we could use. There are few that I like and few that I don’t particularly like.
Note Sheet 1

The very first design is a basic squared room with an area above the workshop that could be used for storage. There is also a balcony which could be used for even more storage or for doing work that requires a well ventilated area in order to not breathe in any sort of unpleasant fumes.
The second design is one of my favourite one, It looks very spacious in my opinon and actually has two additional levels which could be once again used for storage area or a different working area. This idea also comes with a balcony and a window that a player could look out of to see the surrounding areas, perhaps something that cannot be seen from the balcony.
The third design seems to be more detailed, by looking at various medieval workshops from both real life and games, I have noticed a common use of wooden beams, and the timber framing which adds a lot of character to a room and also additional uses, for example the artist could have nailed a tool of some sort to the side of the wooden framing.
Note Sheet 2

This design has been my first one that stepped out of making a room that is a basic squared shape. I wanted to try and add a round wall that has an opening to the balcony. For some reason this building looks a bit too modern and it has this sci-fi feel to it because of the round shape.

Note Sheet 3

This was my fifth design. I have used an image found on Google Street View for the exterior of the building. I thought that if I can’t visit Italy myself, I could go on Street View and find Siena and then look at the different buildings. Of course I don’t know myself whether or not the buildings have or have not been renovated. Although sometimes a renovation of a building doesn’t need to include the change of the shape of the building itself.
Siena 1

Other Research:
medieval-workshop-142642403990vd32b7cc1a8badd1b4704213302c270dcBack_ViewOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA6da4153b0707d7177a09848d5ed9896704eb90f8692988fccbda3f225d5d5dc4--medieval-workshop


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