Champions of Eden – Barbarian #1

The first character that I have decided to work on is the Barbarian Bear. The reason why I chose a bear is because in my opinion, barbarians are supposed to be strong, and frightening to their enemies. They wield blunt weapons and are rather brute-like. I have currently looked at various images of barbarians in order to see what I am aiming at. I have made some silhouettes using the images found on the internet.
Image result for Barbarian

Image result for Barbarian
Image result for Barbarian
Image result for Barbarian
Image result for Barbarian

Barbarian Silhouettes 1
These are the silhouettes I have used from the images that I’ve found. The reason why I have done it, was to see which pose would work the best for my character. The next step with the silhouettes is to choose 2 or 3 silhouettes, take them into Photoshop and draw on top of them to sort out the armor that my character will wear. This way I can design plenty of armour designs and use some ideas for the beginner armour and the end game armour. Scott Robertson has mentioned in the book “Skillful Huntsman” that he sees students doing hundreds of thumbnail silhouettes and then they do nothing with them.

Image result for Bear
Image result for BearLINK

I also looked at images of bears to work on the face of the barbarian character. I have decided for it to be a humanoid therefore I tried to add human features to it when I was drawing the faces.
Bear Faces 1
Whilst drawing the faces I also wanted to add the barbarian-like beards. I then took it further and using Photoshop and a Graphics Tablet I worked on top of the pencil drawings, using the colours from the bear images to make it seem more realistic.
Bear Face 2
I have done two different styles for the first drawing, one using just the tablet and then the other one was done using the Cutout filter in Photoshop. I do think that the style I’m going for using the Graphics Tablet does work really well, as it is something new for me as well.


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